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Marbling learning set (Prof.)


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Dear customers,

the offered colors in this set are already in concentrated mixture and not from pure powder. That means that you can void small amounts in a container and add the 2-3time more water or bile.

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Marbling Learning-set  Prof. (53 pieces)

1x marbling tub (A3 ca.45x32x4,5cm.)
10x colors (red, orange, navy blue, Aquamarinblue, Brown, Pigment yellow, Pigment green, leafgreen, black, white á 105 ml.)
1x carrageen (250gr.)
1x marbling awl set (6 pieces)
10x brush for mixing
6x brush for diffusing (thin)
2x brush for diffusing (thick)
1x ox gall (250gr)
1x marbling comb (50cm x 5,7 or 9mm distance)
1x paper (100 pieces)
1x Piset 100ml.
1x Piset 250 ml.
2x pipette
10x empty bottles

Dear customers,

This set contains colors which are already in concentrated mixture. This means, they are not from pure powder but in the form of slurry or mud. It is ready for use by giving an small amount of color into a container and mixing it with 3-5 times more water than the given color. For this, you can use the brushes provided in the set. Please note that the color thickens after a while. In this case, add ox gall and water. You can decide which amount of intensity you prefer while working with the colors.