Terms of Ahsen-ebru Inh. Hasan filing with the seat Hasencleverstr. 3 51109 Köln

§1 scope

The following terms and conditions apply to all business between the buyer and the Ahsen-ebru Inh. Hasan filing with the seat Hasencleverstr. 3 51109 Köln (hereinafter: Seller).

§2 Conclusion of the contract

The deals are basically geared end customers with a billing and shipping address. The customer must have completed 18 years. The contract is concluded exclusively in German. The presentation of products in the online shop is not a legally binding offer, but a noncommittal online catalog. By clicking the order button the customer is a binding order in the shopping cart. The confirmation of the order takes place together with the acceptance of the order immediately after sending by an automated email. With this e-mail confirmation of the purchase contract has been concluded. Unless the customer has selected the payment method "PayPal". Then, the contract of the payment order in which payment services provider agreement in each case at the time of confirmation. If the chosen payment "Sofortüberweisung" the contract is in any case at the time of confirmation of the payment order into existence with the payment service provider. Condition for an effective contract is always that the ordering process is completed with sending the order. All prices include VAT. The customer receives from the seller an invoice with VAT. The acknowledgment of receipt of the order does not constitute acceptance in the aforementioned sense. The effectiveness of contracts greater than household quantities and the commercial resale of the purchased goods requires the express confirmation by the seller.

§3 payment

Unless otherwise agreed, delivery of the ordered goods at home and abroad customer is basically payment. A payment on delivery, PayPal or Sofortüberweisung is also possible. For orders with Pickup the customer can pay cash even without any additional costs.

§ 4 Shipping conditions

The delivery periods mentioned in the online description are not binding, unless expressly agreed otherwise. Are non-binding delivery deadlines are exceeded by more than two weeks, the customer will be informed. With a delay of more than two weeks, the customer is entitled to inform the resignation of his order. This declaration of the purchaser shall be made within one week, otherwise the new non-binding delivery period shall be deemed approved.

Temporary delivery obstacles entitle him due to force majeure (eg. As war, trade restrictions, strikes, traffic disruption) and other unvorsehbarer and the seller is not responsible events, execute the delivery only after removal of this obstacle. The seller will inform the customer immediately of the existence of such an obstacle to knowledge. If the obstacle over more than two weeks on the regular delivery periods addition, both the seller and the customer are entitled to rescind the contract within an appropriate period.

§5 Retention of title

The current supplied to the customer purchase remains until the complete payment of all delivered to the purchaser objects property of the seller.

§ 6 liability, warranty

(1) All pictorial representations of the goods on the online presentation are only examples. Do not the relevant article in every case true to life, but are merely illustrative. The products may differ from the image. Decisive is the technical description of the item.

(2) Drawings, illustrations, technical data, weight, measurement and performance specifications are intended as approximate and only binding if they are expressly referred to by the seller in writing as binding. Consistencies are only guaranteed within the meaning of § 443 BGB, if the seller expressly stated in writing an appropriate guarantee. remain texture changes of the products before delivery reserved as far as they affect the quality of the product, or only to a limited extent. Incidentally, only the manufacturer's product description, however, a description in public statements, recommendations or advertising activities shall be deemed agreed quality of the goods, not.

(3) In case of defective goods, the seller provides to its own discretion, remedy the defect or by delivering defect-free goods.

Obvious defects in the goods are notified within 2 weeks of receipt in writing, otherwise account for the warranty obligations. Transport damage must be reported to the delivery to the transport company or within 7 days at the post office and recorded. With considerable damage in transit, the acceptance of the goods shall be refused.

If a notice of defect, the Purchaser shall return the rejected merchandise with complete accessories, a copy of the invoice to which the goods have been delivered and with an exact description of the fault to the seller. The goods must be returned in their original packaging or other suitable packaging at the expense of the seller.

If the buyer is an entrepreneur, applies for his inspection and notification § 377; it is suspected that a mutual commercial transaction exists.

(4) The statutory limitation period for warranty claims is two years and begins on the date of delivery, that is, Receipt of the goods by the purchaser. The statutory warranty claims of the customer are not limited by a guarantee. However, the specific provisions of § 7 shall apply to claims for damages by the purchaser.

§ 7 Limitation of Liability

Customer's claims for damages are excluded. This excludes claims for damages of the purchaser resulting from injury to life, limb, health or from the violation of essential contractual obligations (cardinal obligations) as well as liability for other damages based on intentional or gross negligence of the Seller, its legal representatives or agents , Material contractual obligations are those whose performance to achieve the objective of the contract is necessary. In breach of contract, the seller is liable only to the typical, foreseeable damage if this was simply caused through negligence, unless there are damages claims by the customer from injury to life, limb or health. The above restrictions also apply to the legal representatives and agents of the Seller, if claims are made directly against them. The provisions of the Product Liability Act remain unaffected.

§ 8 Prohibition of assignment

The assignment of any claims or claims against us to third parties, unless we specifically consent to the assignment in writing. We are committed to the agreement, if the buyer has a legitimate interest in the assignment. The assignment prohibition also relates to the warranty claims.

§ 9 Withdrawal

(1) If the buyer is a consumer, he is entitled by law to a 14-day withdrawal. A consumer is any natural person who enters into a transaction for purposes which can be attributed mostly neither commercial nor its independent vocational activity. Withdrawal information can from the article description of the seller are taken. The consumer also receives after the conclusion of an order confirmation with a notice of his right of withdrawal and information on how to exercise it, for example, about the revocation attached model withdrawal form. Consumers may return the goods by returning the goods within two weeks without giving reasons. The period begins with receipt of the goods and of the receipt of this right of return. Only if not shipped by parcel (eg. As bulky goods) the consumer may cancel the return by the withdrawal request in text form (for example by letter, fax or email). The revocation period is sufficient to send the goods or the written request. In any case, the return is at our expense and risk. The return or the return request must be sent to:


Owner: Hasan files

Hasencleverstr. 3

D 51109 Köln

Email: info@ahsen-ebru.de

 (2) In case of an effective return the mutually received benefits and any benefits (eg. B. use advantages). In case of deterioration of the goods, compensation can be claimed. This does not apply if the deterioration of the product exclusively on their examination - is due - as this would have been possible for sale in a retail store. The consumer can avoid the compensation obligation by not using the goods like an owner and omitting everything, which impairs their value.

(3) If the buyer is an entrepreneur himself, the foregoing provisions shall not apply; the buyer shall, if the goods are free of defects, neither a revocation nor the right to return to.

§ 10 Information obligations of the purchaser

(1) The customer is obliged to provide only truthful information about the importance for the business relationship (eg. Name, address, e-mail address, consumer property) and any changes to these data, which occur during the business relationship, unsolicited notified. Incorrect information entitle the seller to cancel the contract.

(2) ensures the customer that his or her designated e-mail address is reachable. If the receiving e-mails prevented due to redirects, closure or congestion of the account, the seller has the rights acc. Para. (1).

§ 11 Data Protection

The seller is entitled to receive in connection with the business relationship data on the customer, whether these come from the buyer or from third parties, save in accordance with the Data Protection Act and to process, if they are necessary for the business relationship. The data will be - apart from legal or official notification obligations - disclosed only with the consent of the buyer to third parties.

§ 12 Final Provisions

(1) For the business relationship with the customer is the law of the Federal Republic of Germany - under exclusion of the CISG - applicable.

(2) Place of jurisdiction - to the extent permitted by law - Cologne agreed.

(3) If any of the foregoing provisions wholly or partially invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining clauses or parts.


Model withdrawal form

If you want to cancel the contract, then please fill out this form and send it back to:


Owner: Hasan files

Hasencleverstr. 3

D 51109 Köln

Email: info@ahsen-ebru.de


Hereby give notice (s) I / We (*) withdraw from my / our (*) contract entered into for the purchase of the following products (*) / provision of the following services (*)




Ordered on (*) / received on (*): _____________________________________

Name / consumer (s): _______________________________________

Address of / consumer (s): _____________________________________


______________________________ _____________________________

Signature / consumer (s) Date


(*) Delete as appropriate