Since natural colors are used for the Ebruarbeit, made of earth. Acrylic, water and oil paints come in Ebrukunst not used and have not lost here, because these colors sink in the wash and do not adhere to the sheet. Briefly here used colors must not include in urinating and no oil.

In order to produce these colors

To produce these colors colorful earth is mixed with water and finely ground in marble. This process can take 3-4 hours depending on the color. The consistency of the colors should be about just as an ointment. Whether the colors were ground enough it can be seen only later in the container. With experience of Ebrukünstler can recognize which color needs to be treated as long. The marble is on the mixed and finely ground, the color should not be just as hard as the millstone itself, so as not to wear out the marble. Because otherwise marble particles can mix into the paint.

After the color composition was prepared is the most important step in the manufacture of paints. The mass is mixed in glass containers with water and bile, and are left for about 2 months. The resulting liquor in this time of water and bile mixture is changed at certain intervals and submitted the paint in the container with fresh water and bile. This process requires a lot of time, patience and tact. Only well-developed color fold from their splendor and does not shatter in the continued use of the marbling.

Initially, you can also work with customize colors and even simply mix the bile and the water now.

The brush

The Ebru artist puts his brush her himself. The simple ingredients for this are hair out ponytail for the brush and rosewood for the handle. Horse hair are especially suitable because they are hard and straight. It is also resistant to the growth of bacteria and fungus. Rosewood is especially elastic and wooden swings on every shot over the water. This can be easier and gentler anspritzen the colors. The tips of the brush become softer with time in the ink containers, and optimize the injection operation. The hair is attached with nylon thread on rosewood and in no case with adhesive tape.


The bile causes the paint can be applied on the water and formed without them goes down and the colors mix. To make the bile more durable, to cook them first. The juice may, for example, be recovered from the sheep or Kuhgalle.

The right amount of bile in the pool to give is crucial for the quality of the images. The dripped on the water color can easily expand in the beginning, because no other color is in its vicinity. But the full water footprint is, the more bile added must be given, so that colors can expand. Incorrect dosage, the color can either sink to the bottom, crack or smudge on the paper.


Carrageenan is a type of algae that is found mainly in Northern Europe. Working with carrageenan to optimize the water consistency is easier than working with Taragant and is therefore especially preferred in the European countries, who have discovered the Ebrukunst for themselves. The mixture, which is hergeseteelt with Taragant required depending on the type about 5-7 days until it has errreicht their optimum consistency. The Karragenmischung other hand only needs to unfold one day rest period until their optimal effect. If you have it in a hurry, you can even also use the Karrageenmischung already after 3-4 hours, but should then be formed during the mixing bubbles away with a spoon. The colors also need more bile than with working with carrageenan also when working with the Tarragantmischung. Both mixtures should also be screened after their preparation by a substance.


Formal Hyt Carrageenflüssigkeit sürekliliğinin uzatmak için kullanılan bir kimyasal maddedir. Onlar yutulması veya solunması edilmemelidir. Madde zararlı olduğu da çocuklardan uzak tutulmalı ve rahip olmayan kimse tarafından kullanılmamalıdır.


For the marbling only natural turpentine is used without chemical additives or paraffin.

Storage shelf

Storage rack with 10 compartments 60x80 cm In the shelf 20 images (40x60cm) or 10 images (60x80cm) can be stored. The storage rack is very functional. Through the roles it can be very easily moved and the trays can be taken out individually.


The pipette is used to add color to admit the water, bile or Terebentin in small controlled amounts. This can be carried out more easily the consistency and mix of color.

The dip spit

The dip spit is the instrument with which one created in the image Ebru art on the water. He is like the brush of a painter. The dip spit is by moving a kind of needle in different widths, the colors on the water and forms. It is important that the dive spear must be made of stainless material. A special type of this spit is the hyacinth comb. This can be thought of as a kind of side by side gereihter needles. He comes in the design of so-called hyacinths images for use; Hence the name.


The comb may consist of needles 2, 3, 4, up to about 9 mm distance from each other. The distance is prescribed not fixed, but can vary as desired and concerns. There are also Ebru Combs, which consist of two rows (two juxtaposed combing).

Ebru color bottles

The bottles are made of glass and are used to store the Ebrufarben.


With the spatula can mix the liquid in the tub or the ground color flatten and merge again.


This stone is used to grind the paint powder and earth tones.


For old times Ebru enthusiasts geschlizt its shallow basin made of wood itself. Today, these are made of steel, plastic, glass and anderenMaterilien.